Hunter & Barrel • Westfield Whitford City


Hearty meats and so much more


Smart casual. Suitable for families, couples & groups. 


So much yes!


Hunter & Barrel is just one of the many eateries at the new Westfield Whitford City 'Foodie Hub', located next door to Jersey Jack Gelato. It's a fairly small yet sexy establishment - think of it as the Mark Wahlberg of restaurants, if you like - but what it lacks in size it makes up for in rich woody, leathery goodness, and damn good food.

 Lemon lime & bitters  $4 , 150 Lashes  $12 , Sailor Jerry & coke  $9  & The Devoted Squire  $17

Lemon lime & bitters $4, 150 Lashes $12, Sailor Jerry & coke $9 & The Devoted Squire $17

I've lived around the Hillarys area for near half of my life and I have watched as numerous attempts were made to bring the outdoor space at good ol' Whitty's to life. My heart would almost break every time a new restaurant with decent food would inevitably shut shop from a lack of traffic - but my heart pains no more, thanks to this next level reno! Stepping out into the new area, it's easy to forget that you're at a shopping centre, and it's exactly what us NOR folk have been missing for so long - somewhere to simply have a decent meal and a drink with friends that isn't a half-hour drive away or Grill'd at Hillarys Boat Harbour again. Don't get me wrong, Hillarys and Grill'd are great but a girl's gotta have her options. Not to mention, the new Event Cinemas is also pretty darn shmicko.  And even though I must admit I'm looking forward to when the buzz calms down a little bit, I can't help but feel a sense of pride that Whitfords has finally been brought to life!

Knowing that it's still very busy, we booked ahead for a Friday night, and it was lucky we did as we could only get in at 8.15pm - but that just meant a hungrier Brittney, which meant more food (yay!). When we arrived, we were greeted by a friendly smile and notified that our table was just being set up. Unfortunately, the bar was chockers so we couldn't sit down for a pre-dinner drink but it did give us a good opportunity to suss out what other tables were ordering, and it wasn't long before my husband nudged me excitedly and whispered, "Check out those ribs!"

 Pork ribs with chips  $49  & char-grilled pumpkin  $7

Pork ribs with chips $49 & char-grilled pumpkin $7

Once we sat at our table, I was immediately pleased to find that there were quite a few things on the menu that tickled my fancy as well as an extensive beverage list with some unique cocktails (I ordered a Devoted Squire - Settlers Gin, Pavan orange blossom liquer, fresh cucumber, apple and lemon juice - a great palate cleanser). Although there was many tempting dishes to try, I couldn't go past those ribs and decided to share a huge rack (see picture for confirmation), chips, and the pumpkin salad with my husband, whilst our friends ordered the chicken skewer and Wagyu rump, and I am stoked to report that they were in fact as delicious as they looked and smelt! The marinade was sticky, the meat was soft, and the chips were chunky. Sharing the ribs was also a great choice, as they were definitely big enough for two people to share, along with some sides. We did have a mix-up with the pumpkin salad and instead got the char-grilled pumpkin side, but it all worked out fine as it was still delicious and worked out cheaper anyway.

As expected by the limited availability, it was a busy night so it did take a little while for someone to take our order however when they did, the service was outstanding! The waitstaff were all genuinely friendly, attentive, and apologised many times for the 'slow' service, even though it was really a non-issue. Honestly, I was so impressed by the service during our whole dining experience, that I would return for another meal based on the hospitality alone. 

 Chicken skewer with BBQ spice rub  $24  & 250g wagyu rump steak  $29

Chicken skewer with BBQ spice rub $24 & 250g wagyu rump steak $29

The Friday night crowd that we shared the restaurant with was a mix of couples, families, friend groups, and one large birthday party in the private area, which is great for families who don't want to necessarily have to worry about keeping the kids quiet but perhaps not ideal for couples seeking an intimate evening. It was a fantastic place for a casual but quality meal with our friends (four of us)  and I'd say that groups of up to six would also have a great night out here. 

Hands down, I will definitely be returning to Hunter & Barrel, and soon - Hunter's Feast, I'm coming for you. 

Oh, in case you don't know, the Hunter's Feast = Beef rump cap skewer, chicken skewer, crispy pork belly and Wagyu sausage served with thick cut chips, chopped green salad and grilled flatbread. Yep.