BeauVine Festival 2017 • My Top 5 Picks

Beauvine 2016

There is less than a week to go until BeauVine and I am freakin' excited! 

Kicking off its first session next Friday evening, BeauVine is back for 2017! The weather is forecast to be fabulous, the entertainment is set to be amazing, the drinks will be aplenty, and the food... Oh man, THE FOOD! With a dozen eateries joining the party next weekend, my belly is already rumbling anxiously, but with great food comes great responsibility and only the unwise waltz into something like BeauVine without any preparation or tactical plan of approach. So, after much careful consideration - here are the top five things I'm looking forward to putting in my mouth next week.

FIVE // Filos & Yiros. I haven't actually tried this restaurant out yet but I'm excited to see what they bring to BeauVine this year. From what I've seen the loaded patates look delicious and I can't wait to get my hands on a tasty yiros!

FOUR // Something sweet from Mary Street Bakery. Word is they will be offering a BeauVine exclusive miso caramel glazed doughnut as well as some of their classics, so no doubt I'll be dropping by for one or five of those. 

THREE // Dim sum squid from the Dainty Dowager + Low Key Chow House collab stall. Crispy squid is always a hit and personal favourite of mine whenever we yum cha on a regular weekend, so I'm curious about this one and will definitely be trying it out. 

TWO // A f*ck-off massive slice of Mack Daddy's New York Slice pizza. Last year I got The Honky (romano, grande mozzarella, ricotta garlic oil and oregano i.e. cheese pizza) and honestly, before this I didn't understand why you would choose such a simple slice when the beauty of pizza is being able to put anything you want on it. But now I get it - simplicity is beauty. Cheesy, tasty, greasy beauty. 

ONE // And lastly, what I am most looking forward to chowing down on next weekend is... the exclusive BeauVine Burger by Clarences! This double beef, double cheese and double bacon bad boy has my heart in a flutter every time I see the teaser pic online and I can't wait to get that all. up. in. my. business. 

Food aside, BeauVine 2016 was an awesome day out - it's family friendly and the atmosphere and overall effort of the event was great so I'm really looking forward to attending again. 

If you haven't got your tickets yet, make sure you grab them online to avoid the line on the day and save a few bucks. There are four sessions to choose from and your ticket also gets you a free tasting glass and four hours of free tastings! Is there really anything better you could be doing with your weekend?

Session times

Friday 20 October // 5pm - 10pm
Saturday 21 October // 11am - 4pm OR 5pm - 10pm
Sunday 22 October // 1pm - 6pm