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Worth giving the all-you-can-eat a go on a friends night out

When I heard that Trattoria Galetto did $35 all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta and meat, I suddenly had a new life goal - eat all the food. For months I lusted over the tender beef ribs, crispy pork belly bites and creamy pastas that they teasingly post all over their Facebook and Instagram. Every time the posts appeared on my newsfeed I would whine to the girls at work, "When are we going heeeeeere?" to which they would reply, "As soon as you book it!" True to my nature, I never got around to booking a table but it must have been in the stars because just a few weeks ago my workmate Katie mentioned another friend of hers who had been following Trattoria Galetto on Facebook and if we were in, she would make the booking - yay for me! 

So one Thursday after work, the six of us were on our way to our first Trattoria Galetto experience, tummies empty and hearts full of hope. I was literally giving updates on how excited I was every hour. We were the first table to arrive for the night and first impressions were that the restaurant was quite small, and not in a cosy way - I later discovered that you need to turn sideways and suck your gut in between chairs to go to the bathroom. Nonetheless, we were quickly greeted by a friendly lady who showed us to our table and asked if we knew about the buffet option (to which I mentally replied, "Duh! It's all I've thought about since 2016") but we asked her to explain how it all worked as we were wary that it was all too good to be true and we had missed the catch. The lady excitedly explained the way it all worked and satisfied that we were about to eat like queens, we promptly said, "Six buffets please". 

While we waited for the food, we ordered cocktails - I got a negroni (gin, Campari and sweet vermouth), which was great. Everybody enjoyed their drinks which were part of a decent-sized beverage list and cocktails are $11, which in Perth dollars is a bargain! 

Then... it was on. The menu includes about 15 items with a good mix of pizza, pasta and meat dishes, however on the night we visited we didn't get offered every item that was listed, including the polenta which would have been a nice break up between the heavy courses.  The dishes were brought to the table in a few different ways - some were left on the table for you to pick at, some were brought around by the waiters in big bowls and dished onto your plate and the meats were served as a small platter. Essentially, each menu item is brought out as it is cooked, which at times made for long waits between dishes, particularly if lots of people in the restaurant are eating the same dishes (by the looks of it, most people were there for the all-you-can-eat), however you can let the waiters know that you would like more of any dish and they will bring it to you when it is available. 

As each dish was brought out, my hopes were high and it started off well with some tasty bruschetta and a decent margherita pizza, however as the evening progressed I rapidly found myself losing interest. I consider myself quite a big eater, so a lack of appetite wasn't the issue, rather that there weren't any real 'stand-out' dishes and I didn't crave more of anything once I had my first serve. Whilst the girls enjoyed multiple servings of some of the pastas I found them a bit too heavy and creamy, which I tend to think is a cop-out for actual flavour, and even though there were multiple pasta options, they quickly became virtually indistinguishable from each other. The meat, which is what I was particularly looking forward to, was so-so. It was all a bit too dry and lacking enough seasoning. The pizzas were good but definitely not the best I've had in Perth. 

Overall, each individual dish was good - not mind-blowing, not inedible but it was definitely a case of quantity over quality so if you're more looking to push the limits of your waistband, $35 isn't a half bad price to pay. For this reason, I would say that you get your money's worth as long as you make sure you let the staff know when you would like more of the dishes and are willing to wait if fresh dishes are being prepared. The service throughout was friendly and the staff are genuinely proud to offer customers the buffet option which is definitely getting people through the door. 

As a rule of thumb, if I'm not waking up the next day wishing I'd stashed leftovers in my bag for when I got hungry again, I probably wasn't that impressed. That being said, I'm glad that I experienced the all-you-can-eat for myself so that I could move on with my life (dramatic, I know, but food fantasies occupy a lot of my brain space) and I would recommend Trattoria Galetto's all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta and meat for a novelty dinner with a small group of friends.

Fun fact: The word 'trattoria' refers to an eating establishment that is less formal than a ristorante but more formal than an osteria.