About me


Hi there, welcome to my blog! If you've found me, you're probably a lover of all things delicious, just like me, so I think we're going to get along well.

I've always been the type to research everything, and when it comes to food it's no different. With so many amazing restaurants, bars and cafes in our city, it can be daunting to decide where you should dine next, which is why I believe food blogs and Instagram are two of the greatest things to ever be invented, helping the helplessly indecisive and hungry people of this world make their next meal time a little easier! By sharing the highlights (and the lowlights) of my food adventures with you through honest reviews paired with some pretty pictures, I hope that I can help you find somewhere new and exciting to eat next.

Of course, a good dining experience isn't just about the food. It's also about the service you receive, the ambience of the venue and whether they've got some delicious bevvies on offer as well. My goal is simply to help you avoid those disappointing experiences that leave a bad taste in your mouth and maximise the positive ones, because there is simply nothing better than a bloody good meal.  

In addition to my restaurant adventures, I also share updates on what's happening in our amazing city plus occasional home cooking experiments, and stories of my journeys abroad (and the food I eat while I'm there). If you dig these things too, then bon appetit ! 

Who am i?

My name is Brittney and I live in the beautiful city of Perth, Western Australia. My world revolves around a good meal, new experiences and great company to share it all with. When it comes to food, I like a rare steak, discovering surprisingly complementary flavours and textures, and healthy dishes that don't taste like healthy dishes. My taste buds and love for food are the only things that validly qualify me to write this blog, everything I write is all in my hungry opinion.


If you would like to get in touch, please send me a direct message on Instagram!